Hotspot Software

All source code


2,500.00 / Year For 1 Year


The complete hotspot solution is provided with its source code.


Apache, Postgres, DNS
All Nullsoft installer projects.

Login pages. All php sources
Manager panel. All php sources

Drivers and main application:

Drivers network packet filter: All C source code
Hotspot main application. All C# source code.


All Nullsoft projects

Visual Studio 2019/2022 Community free edition.


After the purchase we will proceed to activate your product on the servers. You will receive a link to download the application and a link with the access codes to enter your control panel. As a registered customer, you will also have priority access to our technical support center that will help you with the installation and configuration of the hotspot if you need it. You can also contact our support telephone numbers in both Spanish and English.